Obora Stables




The fascination and passion for horses were the reasons why Obora was founded by Johann Frischeis sen. in 1991. Now the stud has been taken over by his son Johann Frischeis jun.

Over the years, Obora  has become a first-class stud specializing in high quality show jumping horses with enormous jumping ability, elasticity and caution as well as riding quality and elegance. Obora's focus lies on high-class ancestry. Stallions such as Baloubet du Rouet, For Pleasure, Canturo, Sir Shutterfly, Kannan, Le Tot de Semilly, Griseldi and Jerome, a son of the legendary Dutch stallion Jasper, are used for breeding.

Another important concern is the quality of the mares in Obora. Therefore only the best mares, which were successful in high performance sport and those who have an extraordinary pedigree, are used for breeding.

Obora was first mentioned in 1367 when the brothers Rosenberg, one of the most famous noble families in the Czech kingdom, sold the old mill and the estate. That same year, the Rosenbergs founded the famous monastery of Trebon, which took over the mill. Over the next years, Obora changed hands several times until the mill became imperial property in 1611.



During the Thirty Years´ War, the mill and several surrounding villages were occupied and destroyed. In 1638, the monastery of Trebon was rebuilt and all properties, including Obora, entered the Church´s possession. A century later, the monastery was resolved by the Czech emperor Josef II, and Obora was sold to the noble family Schwarzenberg, who owned the mill for nearly 138 years. During the reformation in 1923, all private properties were nationalized.



In 1991, the main part of the mill was acquired by Johann Frischeis sen., - Obora was founded.